I strongly believe in supporting small companies that offer top quality products or services. 
Anything that I recommend here will be tried and tested by us here at TPDT, including my canine gang, and will have the seal of approval! 
Any links to articles or resources will contain advice that we consider ethical or useful to our fellow dog owners. 


K9 Meals On Wheels
Another small West Country business, based in Devon. Suppliers of a wide range of products, including great quality dry food, natural training treats and chews, and joint supplements and so much more! 
We are very fussy about feeding great quality chews and training treats without additives and preservatives, so we are delighted to receive our regular deliveries of tasty goodies for our gang! 
Thank you K9 Meals on Wheels for your support. 


SWAG - South West Agility Goods
A small family-run company in Cornwall producing top quality dog training toys, as featured in many of our videos! 
Probably the best quality on the market, a fantastic range of colours and materials, to suit every need. 
Our dogs love them. 

(In the interest of transparency, if you buy from SWAG using this link, then we at TPDT will receive a small commission as a result. Every little helps!)

Perfect Fit Harnesses
A company local to us in Malvern supplying our favourite style of harnesses, as recommended by many dog trainers around the UK. 
Soft and fleece lined, with a front and back attachment point, and with a combination of 3 separate sections to ensure the 'perfect fit' for your dog. 
This is always our harness of choice for our dogs and we recommend it to all of our clients too. 


ProDog Raw
Our favourite supplier of top quality raw food for our dogs - not only is the food great, and the prices, but they also offer recylable packaging and various customer benefits too. 
What's not to love?! 
We've tried a wide range of suppliers over the 10 years of feeding a natural diet, and this is without doubt the best one we've found.



Control Precision Flow - Stacy Weeks 
Stacy is an exceptionally knowledgeable trainer of all thing fitness - human fitness that is!
Essential to the agility handler - an intricate understanding of our sport and how our bodies need to move in order to perform to the best of our ability, Stacy shares her knowledge either in-person via workshops or face-to-face sessions, and also through a detailed online training programme. 
We are proud to be Online Ambassadors for The CPF Way! 
(Grab a sneaky peak inside the online training programme here! https://www.thecpfway.online/sample )
Even if you don't do dog sports, Stacy can help to improve your movement and mobility. She has been running online Pilates classes which we are finding hugely beneficial and enjoyable.
Check out her incredible studio in Tiverton, Devon.


The EDGE Canine Hub - Amy Lawson
Offering a variety of canine services, Amy is our most trusted therapist for our own dogs! She is highly experienced, with an excellent eye, and has made a big difference to our dogs over the years. 
She works in Canine Massage Therapy, qualified through the Canine Massage Guild, and Canine Conditioning, qualified through Canine Conditioning Academy. 
Whilst there are therapists for these all around the country, Amy is based in Gloucestershire, and is our absolute favourite. 
Never underestimate the importance of keeping our dogs strong, mobile and comfortable. Massage and conditioning can help ALL dogs.
https://www.facebook.com/AMYLAWSONCANINEMASSAGE or search 'The EDGE Canine Hub' on Facebook.

Tyla Bowyer Films
Tyla has worked hard to produce all of the trailers featured on my website.
Endlessly patient and hard working, we are so grateful to Tyla for her expertise. 
If you need any film/promotional/editing work done, contact Tyla on: [email protected]