Think Positive Dog Training & Positive Agility are owned and taught primarily by Becci Hodson (formerly Chant).

Becci is an experienced dog handler and trainer, having worked professionally as a trainer since 2010. Alongside her practical teaching experience, she also has an honours degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Training, which gives her a sound understanding of the theory and science behind the training methods she uses.

In addition, Becci enjoys competing in agility with her own dogs, and has trained 3 dogs so far all the way to Championship level, and has competed at Crufts and Olympia. Becci is well known for being successful with a variety of different breeds, and she really enjoys working dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Becci's canine family is made up of 8 dogs - 3 Border Collies, 3 Kromfohrlanders, a Flatcoated Retriever and a Pointer x GSD. They include a couple of rescues, and one home-bred pup too. Each and every dog has taught Becci new skills and has helped make her the trainer she is today.


Daniel Hodson is an architect working in Worcester by day, but is also an experienced dog handler with a superb eye for
detail, and a love of precision.

Also an agility addict, Dan has trained his own young dog Piri from scratch and is progressing through the grades with her.
Piri has a wide range of tricks and talents taught by Dan, and she gets so excited and happy about training and playing!
Before Piri came along, Dan competed dogs for other people, including training one dog up and progressing up to G4, and competing in champ with another dog.

Dan has taught agility classes previously at 2 other agility clubs in Lancashire, from beginners to grade 7 handlers, before he moved south and joined TPDT. He now assists Becci when required during classes and workshops, or provides cover for classes.

Dan's finest achievement to date has been asking Becci to marry him, and convincing her to say yes ;)



Georgie and her young Working Cocker Spaniel 'Eadie' joined Positive Agility in 2020 to start the essential foundation training for a future agility career. Georgie's passion and enthusiasm for agility is clear to see having been training and competing for nearly 25 years. She knows the importance of building a relationship with your dog and thrives from seeing partnerships grow and develop.  

Georgie has been training dogs since she was old enough to walk and talk! She competed at Crufts with her first dog as a Young Kennel Club Handler, achieving an individual third place! 
Georgie is probably best known for competing with her rescue dog Oscar, an Old English Sheepdog! Oscar came 2nd at the British Agility Championships and was winner of the DARL ABC league in 2013. Oscar competed at the national and grand national UKA finals and became the KC highest graded OES in history, before Georgie sadly lost him in 2017. 

When Georgie isn't training  agility,she is kept very busy working at a secondary school in Worcester as a Chemistry Teacher with over 10 years experience. She loves working with young people and has a lot of patience! Her imaginative and creative teaching methods earnt her a national teaching award in 2017! 

We are thrilled to have Georgie on board at TPDT - she will be holding some of the agility classes, and assisting or providing cover for other classes too.